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· 22 June 2010 ·

The Sun is, as a matter of fact, green

Frame and fork in British Racing Green

My Sun frame is back from the powder coaters in a lovely British Racing Green. I will get some white paint and do the appliances over the weekend. After that, the folks from Common Wheel are going to take over again and do their mastery, to bring this old frame back to glory.

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· 20 June 2010 ·

The Sun is rising...

Since my bike got stolen over Easter, I need a new one. I decided to go back to the Common Wheel Project, a Glasgow-based charity that employs people with mental illness to build and repair bikes. It’s a brilliant project and they do a very good job at building bikes, too. Plus, they are a bit geeky.

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· 25 March 2010 ·

A Request.

Things have been a bit strange recently, and I need a soundtrack for that. My library is full of melancholic music, not because I’m such a sad person, but it’s just what I generally listen to. But right now, I do need a break. A few weeks ago I had the sudden desire to listen to classical music, from Orf and Bach to Penderecki and Rautavaara.

But now I hunger for something completely different. I feel restless. I can’t live without my daily dose of melancholic music, but at the same time I need something that’s still got a drive. Something that makes me get up and do things.

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· 25 May 2009 ·

Don't Panic!

It’s World Towel Day:
Towel hanging from top flat at 527 Great Western Road, Glasgow.

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· 12 January 2009 ·

All hope's not lost...

…yet. But there isn’t much left.

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· 25 November 2008 ·

Wanna buy speakers?

Old grannies get scammed with electric blankets and knife sets. But whilst an electric blanket probably wouldn’t attract the attention of students, other goods do.

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· 16 November 2008 ·


A short rant about Hobbes

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· 12 June 2008 ·

I passed...

Not only did I pass my examinations, but also the sample questions of the soon-to-be-introduced application for German citizenship questionnaire.

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· 17 May 2008 ·

LaTeX: It's easier than you think

Using the g-brief letter class in LaTeX I encountered a problem—which wasn’t a problem after all.

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· 16 May 2008 ·

Studying in Scotland

Recently, a few prospective students have asked me what studying in Scotland and particularly Glasgow is like. Thus I decided to write an article on my personal experiences and a brief overview on the Scottish undergraduate system.

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