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Christian Kliesch in Glasgow

This is the blog of Christian Kliesch. I write about politics, psychology, web design and music. I also occasionally post recipes.

I am currently a PhD student at Lancaster University, working on infants’ understanding of ostensive communication.

My current research interests are, amongst others:

  • how do interlocutors, in particular children, interpret referential pacts?
  • the interface between language and memory, and to what extent the interpretation of linguistic information can be interpreted in terms of memory associations?
  • cognitive prerequisites of ostensive communication
  • how and why do humans interpret certain signals as ostensive?
  • to what extent can we apply our understanding of culturally evolutionary processes to political systems, such as constitutions?

Besides that, I’m interested in statistics, in particular multilevel analysis, and epistemology.

I took a Master of Science in Evolution of Language and Cognition at Edinburgh University. I did my undergraduate in Psychology at Glasgow University. I am also very interested in Central and East European Studies, which I took in level one. In my free time I listen to more or less obscure music, read books, play the trumpet, go to concerts, amongst other things. Together with Indra, I hosted a radio show on Subcity Radio. It was called Headlights and we invited guests to talk about politics, psychology and philosophy. We also played great music, and I recommend checking out the old episodes. Before that I hosted two other shows, Jus de Pomme and Continental Delicatessen.