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· 17 September 2010 ·


I am running out of puns on suns, but here are some final pictures of the refurbished Sun bike. It looked shiny, and almost as-new, when I picked it up from the Commonwheel Project on June, 28th. Since then it has accumulated quite a bit of dirt, but I have dug up a few old photos from the tour to Tyndrum I did with a few friends of mine shortly after.

But so far the bike has served me well, with the help of my panniers I have even moved large pieces and the odd shopping home. And generally it is the best thing to get around, even in a not-so-bike-friendly city, like Glasgow. But this holds also true.

Shiny and new looking bike, leaning against door of Commonwheel project Green Sun Racer leaned against a wall, mountain bike behind it Badge: Sun Birmingham Common wheel badge near stem Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub Tamaghis letters on bike frame

If you are curious, where the name Tamaghis comes from, it originates from a song by the German band Tied & Tickled Trio.

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  1. Stefan wrote on 4 June 2014, 19:18

    Hey, did I see this bike in Leipzig in front of the cafeteria today? Searching the name brought me here…

  2. Antipattern wrote on 4 June 2014, 20:03

    Hi Stefan, yes very likely – I was at the Uni cafeteria today… It’s a small world!