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· 5 April 2012 ·

István Örkény

Most of István Örkény’s stories are short. Very short. In fact, shorter than what would be called “short stories”. On average, they take no longer than a minute to read.

Despite their brevity, Örkény is able to convey much more meaning than many other authors are able to fit into a 200 page novel. Every sentence, every word, even dots and whitespace, contribute to the overall interpretation of the novel. Örkény leaves away as much as possible without turning to an abstract minimalism.

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· 1 October 2011 ·

Detours to Copenhagen, on a bike

For years and years I have been planning on going on a cycle trip from my home village in Brandenburg, up to Copenhagen in Denmark. Right past my parents’ house runs the cycle track Berlin – Copenhagen, with a total of 630km. From Himmelpfort it’s only a little over 500km to Denmark’s capital. It’s all flat, and makes a perfect beginner’s tour. I had been to Denmark quite often when I was child and I was curious whether it would look different to me now, from an adult perspective. This year, finally, I decided to take the opportunity, grabbed my bike, and cycled to Copenhagen.

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· 12 August 2011 ·

Good news!

This arrived in my inbox today:

Dear Christian Kliesch,

I would like to inform you that your paper “Making sense of syntax – Innate or acquired? Contrasting Universal Grammar with other approaches to language acquisition” has been accepted.

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· 17 September 2010 ·


I am running out of puns on suns, but here are some final pictures of the refurbished Sun bike. It looked shiny, and almost as-new, when I picked it up from the Commonwheel Project on June, 28th. Since then it has accumulated quite a bit of dirt, but I have dug up a few old photos from the tour to Tyndrum I did with a few friends of mine shortly after.

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· 22 June 2010 ·

The Sun is, as a matter of fact, green

Frame and fork in British Racing Green

My Sun frame is back from the powder coaters in a lovely British Racing Green. I will get some white paint and do the appliances over the weekend. After that, the folks from Common Wheel are going to take over again and do their mastery, to bring this old frame back to glory.

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· 20 June 2010 ·

The Sun is rising...

Since my bike got stolen over Easter, I need a new one. I decided to go back to the Common Wheel Project, a Glasgow-based charity that employs people with mental illness to build and repair bikes. It’s a brilliant project and they do a very good job at building bikes, too. Plus, they are a bit geeky.

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