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· 20 June 2010 ·

The Sun is rising...

Since my bike got stolen over Easter, I need a new one. I decided to go back to the Common Wheel Project, a Glasgow-based charity that employs people with mental illness to build and repair bikes. It’s a brilliant project and they do a very good job at building bikes, too. Plus, they are a bit geeky.

A suitable frame was quickly found, it’s an old Sun frame, made in Birmingham. It required a little bit attention, a few holes had to be welded and it’s currently at ESP powder coaters for a new painting. The bike will be build up as a touring/commuting bike. It will probably feature a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub, drop bars, mud guards and a pannier rack, so that I can go onto the odd ride into the Scottish countryside. Also, the gears will ease the way up at Gilmorehill. Clearly the founders of my beloved university weren’t cyclists themselves…

Either way, here are a few pictures of the frame before and after the welding:

Tubes with cleaned rust holes blue sun frame in the work bench, you can clearly see the badge Blue bike frame with Sun Birmingham badge The rusty fork Frame in work bench, rust holes have been welded stripped down frame in the work bench Frame in the work bench.

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